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1. 打开亚航邮件发给你的预定单,确认自己买的是促销票(economy promo)且过了48小时

1.1 往下看,travel advice里有说明机票不得改期或改名:

Economy Promo

• Booking purchased under this fare type is ALLOWED to do a flight change up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time subject to a change fee chargeable per

passenger per sector, plus any fare difference applicable.

• This fare type is NOT allowed to do a name change.

• This fare type is capacity controlled and limited and hence, may not be available on all flights.

• This fare type is always subject to our General Terms and Conditions of Carriage & Fee Schedule (if applicable).

1.2 再往下是terms & conditions,内容很多,不过通过搜索你可以找到促销票是无法退款的这句话。

5.1Confirmation of Booking: The booking of a Seat is confirmed after full payment of the fare is made and after we issue you a booking number and/or the Itinerary. Once confirmed, the booking cannot be cancelled and payments made are not refundable.

2.  但实际上,退款是可能的

2.1 在亚航网站上有这么一个例子,直系亲属死亡

Can I cancel my flight booking?

The rule of thumb is once your booking is confirmed, no cancellation and refund is allowed.

However, you may make an appeal on exceptional grounds, i.e. death of your immediate family member. For assistance, please fill up our feedback form here. http://www.airasia.com/ask/template.do?id=142

2.2 如果你生病了,出具证明之后,可以推迟行程(三个月之内)

Can I cancel my flight because I am ill or undergoing surgery?

Under such circumstances, we will allow you to cancel your flight.

We will place the value of the fare you paid in a credit account for your future travel which must be utilized within three (3) months from the date of issue.

However, we will require a copy of your doctor\”s letter for documentation purposes. Please submit your case through our Feedback Form for assistance here. http://www.airasia.com/ask/template.do?id=146

2.3 骨折以及乘客本人死亡的案例中下似乎也能退款

3. 如满足上述情形,在下面的网址中可以查到改名或改期的手续费http://www.airasia.com/my/en/flightinfo/feeschedule.html#

3.1 输入出发和到达地点之后就可以看到具体的费用。我的机票是从深圳(shenzhen)到哥达京那巴鲁(kota kinabalu),改期和改名的手续费分别如下:

Flight change / Cancellation (per sector) International         CNY 210

Name change (per booking) International         CNY 210

4. 如果不满足上述情形,那么只能考虑退税,也就是你的机票预定总费用里Airport Tax那一项。退税只能在航班错过之后申请。http://www.airasia.com/ask/template.do?id=113

4.1 退税可以打电话或者发邮件或者填feedback form


feedback form: http://www.airasia.com/my/en/faqdetailsform.html

4.2 退税也需缴纳一定的手续费:

Processing Fee Refund** (per guest per sector)         CNY 25

5. 最后还有一个传说中的办法,就是找有缘人,姓名的拼音相同的人。